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Update No. 2

In case you are not a subscriber of the Dutch Playboy (yet), we're proud to share the proof of concept: PHONOCUT is among the most wanted Tech Gear Porn Items for next year!!! Hardly ever before have we felt so sexy about our invention...

PHONOCUT in the Playboy

Update No. 1

Our dream to introduce a new chapter of record production by creating PHONOCUT - a revolutionary machine that reduces record production to 3 simple steps - was made possible thanks to a breathtaking Kickstarter campaign. Successfully funded as of November 15th, 2019, with 387 backers pledging a total amount of EUR 458,689.00. You can still view our Kickstarter video here. This fund will be used in order to trigger the next essential steps, as it takes 12 more essentially important months of development before we can introduce the PHONOCUT and provide the final facts and figures for this dream machine.

PHONOCUT on Kickstarter


Since the invention of record discs in 1889, mankind has been dreaming of a simple but precise desktop machine which would enable anybody to produce their own quality records with just the push of a button. Since the 1930s several machines were introduced to the market that all failed to reach a broader audience, mostly due to poor sound quality, overly complicated technical handling or unaffordable pricing.

2019, more than 70 years later, vinyl records are celebrating a surprising worldwide comeback but still their production is still locked up inside of high-tech, high-volume pressing plants. But as we know technology exploded in many fields opening up the incredible opportunity to finally re-think and re-invent record production. This is exactly what we did together with a small team of globally acknowledged experts:

A simply revolutionary precision machine, to finally introduce a new chapter of record production by reducing it to 3 simple steps:

1) Place the Vinyl blank on the platter
2) Connect to the music input of your choice
3) Press the start button

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Flo Kaufmann
Swiss Inventor and without any doubt the world`s leading record cutting expert
The Swiss industrial design power house Creaholic, founded by SWATCH co-inventor Elmar Mock
Impossible Project founder and analog visionary, known for rescuing Polaroid film from oblivion in 2008
Arts and Music Technologist. Operational Mastermind
David Bohnnett
Internet Entrepreneur


Currently we are traveling LA, one of the world`s music capitals, with our sexy shining and fully functional PHONOCUT HOME VINYL RECORDER prototype for a whole series of first PHONOCUT recording test sessions. Surprising not only true professionals and high end studio owners but basically all music lovers with all the opportunities this machine opens up. Allow us to take us with you on our first adventures.

Adventure No. 1

A direct to disc recording session with Alex Lilly at one one of the most iconic studios in LA. Please have a look at the images below and please dive into the magic sound files and compare the digital file of the recording with the pressed vinyl we traditionally produced from a cut performed at a legendary Scully lathe valued at several 100k with the record we directly cut on Vinyl with our brave little PHONOCUT machine.

Sound comparison Scully lathe vs PHONOCUT recorder

Adventure No. 2

PHONOCUT Vinyl Home Recorder presentation and testcut at the brand new studio of our amazing friends from KCRW Radio. Bringing back the good old days when all radio recordings were directly cut and archived on records.

Adventure No. 3

One of the maybe most important facts about the PHONOCUT is that it allows to expand the classic mixed tape concept to vinyl. Enabling you to create your very personal real vinyl compilations from your virtual playlists.

Adventure No. 4

We had the pleasure to personally introduce the Homecut to attending journalists and fair attendees of Making Vinyl on Monday, October 14, at PHONOCUT's demo suite at Making Vinyl. Impressing everyone, from hobby musicians to studio owners.

Adventure No. 5

Jarina De Marco recorded quadraphonic vocals live to track to create a one-of-a-kind signed PHONOCUT disc for a raffle during her concert at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles to Benefit for ImmDef.

Adventure No. 6

Grandmaster Flo Kaufmann has produced a selection of sound samples at his famous lab in Solothurn Switzerland. He used a Technics sl-q303 turntable, a Audiotechnica ATVM-95CH pickup, a Flokason simple riaa Phonopre and a Behringer uca soundcard:

Money Mark: Push the Button

The Gogo Ghouls: Pay And Love

The Brooklyn Pimp Jamboree: Hang 'Em High

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