PHONOCUT home vinyl recorder

PHONOCUT home vinyl recorder

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PHONOCUT is a revolutionary precision machine to produce high quality records - in just three simple steps:

  1. Place blank disc
  2. Connect audio source
  3. Press start button

As simple as it is, PHONOCUT adds uncountable reasons to fall in love with vinyl - as the magic technique to record and replay all sounds possible and impossible.

With PHONOCUT you can create your own record production, art project, sound library, or scratch heaven - it's up to you to fill up this catalogue of Monday morning to Sunday night projects. Once you have experienced PHONOCUT you will never stop thinking of hundred reasons to put your fingers on that magic button.

PHONOCUT was initiated by creative & crazy minds putting their unique and precious knowledge together to finally convince the rest of the world that all you need is one little diamond to carefully cut the groove and play that tune! It was Austrian savior of Polaroid and Co-founder of SUPERSENSE, Florian Doc Kaps together with Swiss inventor and definitely the expert in vinyl cutting Flo Kaufmann who teamed up with US-based Arts Technologist KamranV and Internet Entrepreneur David Bohnett to start PHONOCUT.

BUT it is YOU who make PHONOCUT happen.


  • PHONOCUT Home Vinyl Recorder
  • PHONOCUT Cartridge
  • 5× PHONOCUT Blanks (10")


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