Important Update Regarding the Availability of PHONOCUT

Important Update Regarding the Availability of PHONOCUT

Dear record lovers,

Even if the months since we introduced our revolutionary machine have been very special and more than challenging, we were and are literally working day and night for our dream to finally come true. The last weeks have been garnished with a long list of super important development steps that have already been accomplished and new solutions across basically all fields and aspects of the project including completing the manufacturing designs. That said - and as much we hate it - we are still empty handed regarding the final availability and shipping dates of our PHONOCUT machine.

Currently it would not be professional to estimate any concrete dates BUT what we can promise you from the bottom of our all analog heart is the following:

  1. We will not stop and nothing can stop us from further putting all our efforts into this and we will not rest before we have fulfilled our promises and delivered our machines, no matter of how hard it will be and how long it will take us.

    We just started to implement all the recent learnings and improvements into our prototypes for extensive testing and no minute will be wasted to make PHONOCUT a magic machine.

  2. Of course we do understand that some of you supporters are also in a very delicate situation because of this global crisis

    For all these people who already have pre-purchased or will pre-purchase PHONOCUT today or in the future, we will keep open the refund window and we promise it will remain open throughout the period of time leading up to when we notify you of your shipment.

    You may request a refund now, or at any time before we confirm your shipment at

As many of you have recently seen and heard in person over these past months, PHONOCUT is real, it is very easy to use and the discs created sound incredible. It will get done and if you stick with us you’ll be the first to enjoy it.

-Doc, Kamran, David & Flo