More Adventures [ACE HOTEL LA, NY, Palm Springs + AES Afterglow]

More Adventures [ACE HOTEL LA, NY, Palm Springs + AES Afterglow]

We scanned our archives to show you some more adventures we recorded last autumn at ACE HOTEL LA, NY und Palm Springs:

We'll start with JARINA DE MARCO‘s new single ELECTRICO she just released some days ago. The perfect moment to replay the adventure back in the days at ACE Hotel LA, when Jarina recorded quadraphonic vocals live to track to create a unique PHONOCUT for her 'Benefit for ImmDef' concert - of course we refreshed the Video with the sound of the latest PHONOCUT prototype.

This brings us two more ACE HOTEL stories - the great electrifying session with Brooklyn based musician and producer Greg Fox with a completely improvised quadraphonic synth exploration cut directly to PHONOCUT. If you fancy his style as much as we do, see his Instagram.

Last but not least we want to introduce you to guitarist William Tyler we met in Palm Springs to do this live acoustic performance cut direct to PHONOCUT as he danced around a quadraphonic microphone. If you want to hear more - listen to his new EP on bandcamp.

It’s AES time again and it reminds us of the days when large groups of friends could gather at parties like the one with Jason Lidner and Nate Wood impossible we add this VHS footage straight from a party at Afterglow NYC with the quadraphonic audio-sample cut direct to PHONOCUT. So that at least your brain can attend a party, follow Jason’s instagram for impromptu live sessions.

Photos: Lousy Auber

Videos: Marek Bihun