Pre-Order Today + New Prototype, Pricing & Delivery Update

Pre-Order Today + New Prototype, Pricing & Delivery Update

It was only a short time after our last update that all of our lives drastically changed from a global pandemic...then changed again after the murder of George Floyd. From all of us at PHONOCUT, we wish you well in health and the best of humanity through this time. Black Lives Matter.

A few short days after our last update that we brought PHONOCUT to the dublab charity event hosted at the Onassis Foundation Los Angeles (OLA). The event’s guest of honor was Henry Rollins and as a part of the event we recorded the entire interview direct-to-PHONOCUT for the Onassis archives. No one knew that this would be the last public gathering any of us would have. Not too long after this even, we had planned public demonstrations of PHONOCUT so that more of you could touch, smell, and taste PHONOCUT in person. Of course, this wasn’t possible so we spent this time focused on our product development. We hope to show you PHONOCUT in person soon.

Overall, we have made quite a lot of meaningful progress though we were not completely immune to the challenges everyone seems to be facing. To this end, we must announce that we will deliver the first kickstarter units in the Winter of 2021 and that our final retail price will be higher than we expected. The good news for those of you that supported our kickstarter is that you all got one hell of a deal.

The retail price of PHONOCUT will now be €2999 (plus applicable duties, taxes and shipping) however starting TODAY we are offering PHONOCUT at several pre-order prices:

  • €1799 through Friday, July 10th, 2020 17:00*
  • €1899 through Friday, July 31st, 2020 17:00*
  • €1999 through Friday, August 28th, 2020 17:00*
    *Austrian Time.

...after which our pre-order price is €2499 until the price goes up to the full price of €2999.

One of the most asked questions... thank you for waiting patiently as we figure out how to approach this. As many of you have pointed out, the act of replacing a stylus and calibrating a cutter head is quite complicated however we are very happy to say that we have established our easy stylus replacement service for only €149 (plus applicable shipping, taxes and duties).

We spent the quarantine building our next prototype. The largest improvements are with motor control which have greatly minimized wow in the cuts. Check out the recordings of cuts below.

More to come.

*this blog post was edited to reflect the most current pre-order information.