An Adventure [with 25hours Wien]

PHONOCUT Karaoke live to vinyl recording at 25hours Hotel Vienna
PHONOCUT adventure at the "in the park festival 2020" with 25hours Hotel Wien
As a first event 25hours Hotel Wien became a PHONOCUT automat with live cut Karaoke for the brave. PHONOCUT co-founder KamranV himself happily did some fresh air cuttings. The nice weather and the good food from the "Burger the Ville"-Foodtruck inspired us to explore the funny side of PHONOCUT.
PHONOCUT Karaoke at 25hours Vienna
PHONOCUT Karaoke at 25hours Hotel Vienna
Photos: Ákos Burg

JOE EATING A BURGER, we cut directly to PHONOCUT at the KARAOKE event at 25 Hours Hotel in Vienna. 

The 25 hours Hotel Vienna is the place to stay for all vinyl and analog fans, who travel to Vienna. With PHONOCUT they offer their guest a new way to create memories. At events and as a personal service you'll be able to cut your PHONOCUT to go (or to take back home from your travels). Stay tuned!